(Always Expect to WIN)


OBJECTIVE: Don't Try...DO! Trying is not doing. The goal of this assignment is to get it done. So make a commitment to get it don and do it! 

DUE DATE: Friday, July 10, 2014

1. Choose a topic.

2. Create a video. This video must have...

  • Problem.
  • Solution to the problem.
  • A brief transition into your 'call to action.' (...this is, basically, an invitation to see/join your business.)

3. Upload your video to your Facebook Profile/Page, Youtube, and any other video platform you already have. Also, post your video in the comment section below!

4. Post the video on your blog (If you don't have a blog, or don't know anything about creating your own blog, then you can get the best done-for-you blog on the market, and much more, for only $25 a month, here:www.ProsperityLifestyle.Net)

5. Send broadcast to your list inviting them to your to see your blog post and your video. If you only have 10 people on your list...that's a list! Invite them to see your blog.

6. Invite people on all your other social networks to see your video on your blog.


You know...

When I first started doing business on the internet almost 2 years ago, I had no idea what to do...

...and I was told to just go to the training!

So, I did! 

I put all my desire and passion into learning, and that's why I'm still here today! I made a decision, and have taken responsibility for my own future, and I've become a great student!

But...IMAGINE IF...when I was a school teacher, I would have said, "Ok students, just go to the book and start learning!

Believe it or not, there are teachers out there who do that. However, most teacher's don't do that. Most teacher really DO care, and work really hard to have a productive, safe, and enjoyable learning environment!...

I know I did! 

...and I was so proud of my students! 

But now, I'm FINALLY starting to use my abilities as a teacher to help others, by showing them what I've learned on this amazing journey.  

YOU...yes YOU, can build a successful online business. If you have the right mindset, and you have the right mentor (like me!!), then you can do this!

Click here to see this week's lesson...

It doesn't matter what business have. This is training is for everyone! If you can do this, then you can build a solid internet business, that one day, can give you the freedom to do the things you love doing, and more freedom of time to spend with your loved ones...


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Make it a great day everyone, be safe! :-)

Yours in Mastery!

Carlos Fletes, Jr.


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"Do or do not, there is no try." (Yoda)


When it comes to achievement, you have to WANT to win, and you must ALWAYS expect to win!

I have a VISION and I'm going to make that vision a reality...

I have BIG DREAMS and I'm going to make them a reality...

...and if YOU have big dreams, then I want you to come along, on this journey, with me!

When you say or think to yourself, "I'm trying," or "I'll try," you are actually saying, "I don't want to do this." 

...and you are unconsciously setting yourself up for failure!

It's something that can determine your success or failure in any endeavor, goal, or dream that you are currently pursuing, or want to achieve, in life.

Trying is not doing! So, if you are going to 'try' to get started, or 'try' to do it over the weekend...if you have BIG DREAMS and you are going to "try" to achieve them...

...then, the 'reality' is that you don't really want to get it done.

Unconsciously, what you are visualizing is failure!

Trying is not doing.

You either do it or you don't it...there is no try!

Stop trying, and get it done!

Achieve those BIG DREAMS!


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Carlos Fletes, Jr.


Great news from the MyCashFreebies network, it's now WORLDWIDE! 

Watch the video below from start to end...you don't want to miss any of the juicy details!




The following countries have "credit offers" available to them: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Spain and Sweden.


Here's what to do next...

1.) - Check to see if you country is listed on the Paypal Worldwide list.

--> Paypal Worldwide Directory of Countries

2.) - Sign up with one of the follow systems. Choose the one that you feel is BEST for you!  Just start with one. As you gain more experience you'll be able to use all 3...but just start with one!

--> Instant Payday Network (IPDN) - Great for beginners! I started with this system. 

--> Online Profit for Newbies - Launching in July 2014. This is also a great system for beginners, and similiar to IPDN. 

--> Total Funnel System (TFS) - A little bit more advanced. But, it's the most automated system I've ever seen!

3.) - Start marketing and remember what I explained in the video.

When you join me you get over 30K in team bonuses, training, mentorship and more...there is no reason to fail here! I provide for you everything for you to be successful.  Plus, I also offer Unlimited, FREE 30 Minute Coaching Sessions for my SERIOUS business partners. 


30K in Team Bonuses & FREE 30 Minute Coaching Sessions

Take care and be safe everybody!

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Your not alone!

I'm here to serve!

I'm here for YOU!

To YOUR Success!

Carlos Fletes, Jr.


Hello everyone!

The Total Funnel System is, literally, EXPLODING with Empower Network Signups!

In this video I say that I made 10 EN sales in 8 days, but I was wrong!  It was actually 11, plus I forgot about 3 pass-up sales. So, the actual total Empower Network sales that I made are  14 sales in 8 days using the Total Funnel System.

In the past year and a half that I've been in business on the internet, this FREE system is the closest thing I've ever seen to 100% complete automation, that pays out HUGE commissions.

---> Get your Free Total Funnel System here...

(Video 1 of 3: Empower Network Signups Proof & A Back Office Walk-Through)


Plus, I'm also getting commissions from Express & Double MyCashFreebies as well as GVO and PureLeverage Reseller memberships.

(Video 2 of 3: Pure Leverage/GVO Signups)


(Video 3 of 3: My Cash Freebies Sales)


MY 6 Week RESULTS:  40 Empower Network sales in just 6 weeks! 

The Total Funnel System is incredible - 3 separate 'streams of income' and Hight-Ticket items, that are, literally, on complete autopilot and sell themselves, once potential customers are in the funnel.

I've been in business on the internet for almost to two years, and have never seen anything like it!

---> Click here and get started....

Remember this too...

You're not alone...

I'm here to serve...

I'm here for YOU! :-)

Mutual Welfare and Success for ALL!

Carlos Fletes, Jr.

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Residual Bonus Payment Structure for MyCashFreebies (Starts March 12, 2014)

IMPORTANT NEW PROMO: Anyone who signs up with me in Express and Double MyCashFreebies will get FREE access to the Diamond Campus of the University of Internet Science.  Those who join me in Empower Network will get the $15K Campus for FREE. To see what it is, CLICK HERE and register for FREE (...the actual cost of the Diamond Campus is $197, the cost for the $15K Campus is $997, but Join Me & it's FREE!)


This truly is EXCITING NEWS!

More RESIDUAL INCOME for those who have the Desire, Motivation and Resilience to make their dreams come true...

If you have been working hard to build your business with MyCashFreebies, then get ready...you are about to start earning some effortless payouts!

The MyCashFreebies Network will start paying out RESIDUAL BONUS PAYMENTS to all referral agents! 

Effective Wednesday Morning, 3/12/2014 at 12:01 AM EST... 

That means effortless money in your pocket and bank account!

...and the way this business turnsover, it also means a lot of money for a lot of people who really need it...especially newbies!

Get all the details in this video...

Choose the business below that is best for You...

Join me in Total Funnel System (Worldwide)

Join me in Instant Payday Network (Worldwide)

Online Profit for Newbies - Launching in July 2014. This is also a great system for beginners, and similiar to IPDN. 

After you sign up register for the University of Internet Science here:

--> University of Internent Science Registration

Then send me an email, and I will reply back with my GETTING STARTED OUTLINE and I'll submit the upgrade request for the UOIS Diamond Campus...for my Worldwide Business new members, I will send you my SUCCESS BLUEPRINT and also upgrade you to the Diamond Campus...



You are not alone...

I'm here to help...

I'm here to serve...

I'm here for YOU!


To YOUR Success!

Carlos Fletes, Jr.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." (Eleanor Roosevelt)




MyCashFreebies will completely change its Payment Structure as of March 12th, 2013 at 12:01 AM EST. This is EXCITING since this payment structure now includes RESIDUAL BONUS PAYMENTS! This is AWESOME since you will be able to collect RESIDUAL BONUS payments to your PayPal account automatically from your referral's cash-outs, AND your referral's referral's cash-outs! Let me explain:

You have a new referral who completes their offer requirements on The MyCashFreebies Network sites. You can then place an order for payment from any of our Payment Options. Then, when that same referral of yours get's their own referrals, who also complete their offer requirements, your referral then places an order for THEIR payment. They are then paid for their referral for the full referral value of the site, but you TOO are paid 15% of the payment amount for their cash-out to your PayPal account! But wait! It gets even better! When your referral's referral gets their OWN referrals, who complete their offer requirements, and that person then orders payment for THEIR referrals, you get paid to your PayPal account 10% of their payment amount!! AWESOME! So let's break this down some more.

  • Joe has a referral named Ralph who completes their requirements on a $40 site on MyCashFreebies.
  • Joe then orders payment for Ralph's completed site and gets paid his $40.
  • Ralph then gets a referral named Mary who completes their requirements on the $40 site.
  • Ralph orders payment for Mary's completed site, and gets paid his $40, AND Joe gets a $6 (15%) RESIDUAL BONUS payment to their PayPal account automatically!
  • Now, Mary gets her own referral named George. He completes his requirements on the $40 site.
  • Mary places her order for George. (this is where it gets awesome!) Mary gets paid her $40. Ralph gets paid a $6 (15%) RESIDUAL BONUS payment to his PayPal account on Mary's order, AND Joe ALSO get's paid a $4 (10%) RESIDUAL BONUS payment for Mary's order, all automatically! AWESOME!

What it comes down to is this. The Payment Structure on The MyCashFreebies Network has made a permanent change for the better. For everyone!  You now automatically get RESIDUAL BONUSES awarded to you from your own referral's cash-outs, (at 15%, unlimited number of times!) AND you get a RESIDUAL BONUS awarded to you from your referral's referral's cash-outs (at 10%, unlimited number of times!) This is TOTALLY Awesome, since you get paid for each and every referral of YOURS, plus 15% of the site payout value any of your referrals make, PLUS 10% of each and every cash-out your referral's referrals make!! It's AMAZING!

And so we are VERY CLEAR here: THIS IS NOT MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING, and should NOT be confused with MLM in any way! We (MyCashFreebies) are a simple referral based incentives network. This is a simple residual bonus system that will hopefully be an incentive for referral agents to better train their referrals on the ins and outs of how these sites work. The amount of residual bonuses you make will be directly proportional to how well you train your referrals. When THEY cash out, AND their referrals cash out, YOU get a bonus for your hard work in training them! Unlimited times! So it is to your best interest to make sure that your referrals know how to train their own referrals, and to pay attention yourself to the training materials provided to YOU by the person who referred YOU. Not providing proper training and mentoring to your referrals just results in dead ends, since they are likely to stop moving forward if they are not given the information they need to manage and handle their own referrals. Training and mentoring are a must for you, and your referrals, to make the most out of MyCashFreebies, and generate a wonderful stream of Residual bonuses.

Lastly, there will be some site changes made to accommodate the new RESIDUAL BONUS Payment Structure.  These changes will happen by 12:01 AM EST Wednesday morning, March 12th, 2014.  So be prepared for them!  Because of this payment model, there will be NO one offer or two offer sites anywhere on MyCashFreebies. All sites are One Credit on the MyCashFreebies Network, and there are $20, $30, $40, $60 and $80 sites. The MyCashFreebies Network sites will use the RESIDUAL BONUS Payment Structure from March 12th, 2014. This will be a PERMANENT payment structure. There will be no other promotions or bonuses offered for this network, as the built-in RESIDUAL BONUS system will be the permanent promotion for this network.  (There may be side promotions, testimonial drives, etc...  that will be for prizes along the road, but will have nothing to do with this payment structure.)


MUST READ: TERMS AND CONDITIONS for New MyCashFreebies Residual Bonus Payment Structure

As with ANY structured service, there are rules. You are hereby bound to these rules as of March 12th, 2014, as this will be considered part of the Terms and Conditions for using the MyCashFreebies network sites. If you do not agree to these additional terms (which are also added to the Terms of Service that you agree to when you register on ANY and ALL of the MyCashFreebies Network sites), then you may not use these sites.

  • First, you must ACTIVATE your RESIDUAL BONUS Payment Structure on your account. You do so by going to your "PROFILE" page on any of your registered MyCashFreebies Sites. There, go down near the bottom of that page, and simply click the "ACTIVATE NOW" button. You only need to do this ONE time! ALL of your MyCashFreebies sites will be activated at the same time (your account Residual Bonus Income will be activated). Nothing else is required.
  • You will NOT get RESIDUAL BONUSES if you have not activated your account to do so.
  • There will be NO BACK PAY on RESIDUAL BONUSES for failure to activate your account for the bonuses.
  • You will NOT get RESIDUAL BONUSES if your account is on HOLD for ANY REASON.
  • You will NOT get RESIDUAL BONUSES on any of your referrals, or referral's referrals that are on HOLD.
  • There will be NO BACK PAY for RESIDUAL BONUSES that may have occurred while you were on HOLD.
  • Once your account is activated for the RESIDUAL BONUS, you will start receiving the bonuses automatically to your PayPal account.
  • ALL RESIDUAL BONUSES are paid through PAYPAL ONLY. PERIOD. If you do not have a PayPal account, then it is suggested that you do so. Payments made to your PayPal account can be done with as seen fit, including transferred to your bank account. NO SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES WILL BE ENTERTAINED. PayPal only for the RESIDUAL BONUSES.
  • ALL RESIDUAL BONUSES will be paid out at the SAME TIME as the order placed by your referral(s) and their referral(s). There will be no stacking up of bonuses. They are to be paid out immediately when orders are placed that include them.
  • RESIDUAL BONUSES are paid out to you at 15% of the order value placed by your direct referrals, and 10% of the order value placed by your direct referral's referrals.
  • You may NOT collect on the bonuses for anyone else.
  • You ARE responsible for the income received from the bonuses.  This means that the bonuses WILL be included in our report to the IRS, and will be included on the 1099MISC form you receive at the end of each tax year.

For Complete Terms of Service information, please read the Terms of Service listed in locations all over the sites, at the bottom of every page, and on the SUPPORT page on the sites.


P.S. - JOIN ME IN MY NEW BUSINESS...I'm looking for business partners who are serious about earning a $600 Monthly Residual Income within the first 4 weeks, more or less.  This pretty much a FREE business!



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