An Inspiring Underdog Video


“With but few exceptions, it is always the underdog, who wins through sheer willpower.”

The Underdog - Motivational Video

An "underdog" is a person who is expected to lose.

The "favorite" is the one who is expected to win.

In the case where an underdog wins, the outcome is an "upset."

And...upsets happen every day!

I'll say it again, UPSETS HAPPEN EVERY DAY...

...especially, if the underdog, wholeheartedly believes that HE is the favorite, and that HE is destined to win.

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P.S. - It's time for you to succeed. It's time for you to write your own story.  And, if your back is against the wall, then you have NOTHING TO LOSE!  It's time for you to be the underdog that pulls off the upset and WINS! 

Here's what you need to do next... 

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High-Converting 'Youtube Commercials'

Marketing Method

If you are not using video in your marketing, then you are losing money!  If you don't know how to make them, then it's time to learn! :-)

Video marketing is the most important skill that you can learn. It is the way of the future and all the top earners in the industry, as well as, major corporations, are using video marketing strategies.


Part 1: Structure of Your Video

In this video I explain the structure or how I organize my Youtube Marketing Commercials.  I've been using this structure to get a ton of free leads from Youtube for the past two years!

The High-Converting Outline of Youtube Marketing Commercials

  1. Introduce yourself briefly.
  2. Tell the viewer that you know why they are there watching your video.
  3. Tell them you have a solution.
  4. Build up the excitement of the program you are offering.
  5. Give a compelling offer (by the 1 minute mark more or less) - The most important reason why they should see your opportunity, program or business.
  6. Call to Action - Tell them to visit your website or click on the link below your video.


Very Important Details to Keep in Mind...

  • Purpose/Goal: To get the viewer to click on your link or visit your website.  You are not trying to sell anything!
  • Keep it short: Make your video 1 to 1 ½  minutes long, no more and no less - 50% of viewers leave after 1 to 1 ½ munutes. 
  • Keep it simple: - Use Basic English.
  • Keep it a Mystery (Only for Online): Never tell the viewer the name of the program you are marketing. Create curiosity so that the viewer will WANT to know more.  For Offline business or program, you do have to say the name of the business and what it is.


Part 2: Getting the "Know-How"

In this video we will visit two of my Youtube channels and I will show you exactly how the Youtube Commercial Marketing Method works.

Very Important Details to Keep in Mind...

  • You must be able to duplicate same video over and over again with different titles. 
  • Your Youtube channel is your commercial and not the actual videos themselves. So, focus on Channel views and don’t be concerned with how many views each individual video is getting.
  • Once you upload a video, leave it alone, and don’t look at it again. Upload another one!
  • Upload at least 1 video per day!
  • Create multiple Youtube channels, each with a different alias.


Part 3: Targetting Your Clients



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How to Post Craigslist Ads in Multiple-Cities

Craigslist is still the best place to post free ads.  This is the exact marketing strategy that I use. Paid Craislist ads are way better than free ads.  Follow this training exactly, and you will get a TON of leads!

In this tutorial you will learn how to post multiple-city ads on Craigslist.


Note: If you mess up and your accounts gets flagged, no worries! More than likely you missed something in this training. You can create a new account, watch this video over, try again....and whatever you do, don't give up! :-)

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Carlos Fletes, Jr.


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The 12-Top Recommended 'Solo Ad' Vendors & More!


Solo Ads are one of the most powerful sources for building your online business, especially, if you are a NEWBIE to internet marketing. Just be sure that you are using a high converting capture page! 

Below you will find some "what, why's, do's & don'ts" for placing Solo Ads, along with the best Solo Ad vendor's and providers in the industry.

Enjoy! :-)

What are Solo Ads?  A solo ad allows you to buy a mailing to another marketers list. They promote your offer in exchange for an upfront payment.

Why buy Solo Ads?  Very fast way to build a list and if you have a high converting offer it can be profitable from the start.

Why sell Solo Ads?  It's upfront cash for the vendor, no waiting arourd for affiliate payouts, no refunds as long as you hit the clicks that you guarantee.

Watch this intro video first, before continuing...


These are the Top-2. Both Igor and James have amazing reputations and testimonials from business owners all over the internet world...

#1 - Igor Kheifets
#2 - James Starr

The other Top 8 in no particular ranking order...

Denise Johnson
Chris Jenkins
Colin Meunier
Emilis Strimaitis
Heimir Finnson
Phil Springer
Kenneth Kraakstad
Mark Gurney
Phillip P. Brewer
Sean Storey




The link below will take you to a page that has hundreds of different Solo Ad Vendors. Unfortunately, I don't know which vendor is the best to drive traffic to you business. But, just click on the "view page" link and it will take you to the particular vendor's website, where you can learn more about their solo ads service. 

---> Solo Ad Agents, Brokers & Vendors Directory



Important Instructions for Placing a Solo Ad:

1 - Make sure you talk to the vendor before you buy a solo ad. Ask the following questions:

  • Where is most of your list located in? What countries?(You don't want to get a ton of opt-ins from the Philipines if you are doing business in the USA or Australia.)
  • How soon will my Solo Ad go out as soon as I pay for it.
  • Do you guarantee your clicks? 

2 - Send them your URL and ask them, "Do you think this offer will be good for your list?" (They really do want to help you because their reputation depends on it!)

3 - Make sure your ad has an eye-catching title and body.

4 - Your ad copy (or email) must have an irresistable offer.




Here is a list of Solo Ads that you can use to get Free traffic.  Some of these do have options to upgrade to a monthly membership if you want even more traffic.  

Free Solo Ads:

Safe Swaps 

Ad Achiever

Your EZ List

Top Surfer

List Auction

State-of-the-Art Mailer System

List Building Maximizer

Business World List

List Bonus Instant Email Marketing

Downline Builder Direct

List Surfing

Reactive Ads

Elite Safelist


How to book FREE Solo Ads using a FREE Solo Ads Trick!

Here's an excelent video by a man named Tony Romo on how to use SafeSwaps...


A Final Word

If you want to learn more about solo ads, the best place to go is Youtube! There you will find and encyclopedia of Solo Ads training videos! :-)

Thank you for visiting my Blog Beast blog. If you got value from this blog post, then please leave a comment below.

To YOUR Success!

Carlos Fletes, Jr.

ATTENTION: Please be advised that the above solo ad providers are third party, and I am not affiliated with any them. So, I will not make any kind of profit from your purchase. You will be billed by them directly, and any questions or claims you may have must be directed to them. They can be contacted directly off their sites by clicking on their name. These billings are non-refundable. 




Stop setting yourself up for failure...


When it comes to achievement, you have to WANT to win, and you mustALWAYS expect to win!

I have a VISION and I'm going to make that vision a reality...

I have BIG DREAMS and I'm going to make them a reality...

...and if YOU have big dreams, I want you to come along, on this journey with me!

When you say or think to yourself, "I'm trying," or "I'll try," you are actually saying, "I don't want to do this." 

...and you are unconsciously setting yourself up for failure!

It's something that can determine your success or failure in any endeavor, goal, or dream that you are currently pursuing, or want to achieve, in life.

Trying is not doing! So, if you are going to 'try' to get started, or 'try' to do it over the weekend...if you have BIG DREAMS and you are going to "try" to achieve them...

...then, the 'reality' is that you don't really want to get it done.

Unconsciously, what you are visualizing is failure!

Trying is not doing.

You either do it or you don't it...there is no try!

Stop trying, and get it done!

Achieve those BIG DREAMS!


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